Our Product

This New Generation of Cigarette is a Swedish invention.

A group of scientists is behind the development of this smoke-free cigarette product.

The structure of The New Generation Of Cigarette is similar to a conventional cigarette, but with nicotine also impregnated on the filter paper (the yellow paper around the cigarette filter) This is a useful tool for those who wish to smoke in places where smoking is banned, as it allows the nicotine to penetrate the lips of the user, introducing it into the blood, and hence give stimulation when not lit. 

When the New Generation of Cigarette is used without being lit, the stimulation of nicotine occurs through the skin of the lips. When inhaling, the user breathes in fresh air, instead of the 4.000 chemicals and poisonous substances found in regular cigarettes. These components are what causes cancer to both smokers and so-called passive smokers.