Invest in STI

STI, Swedish Tobacco Innovation has developed the patented New Generation of Cigarette to launch worldwide.
We are confident in taking over 3 percent of the cigarette market in each country.

Our mission is to run the company with our New Generation of Cigarette, experience and strategy turn it into one of the largest companies in the world with multi-billion Euro turnover.

Hence, in the U.S. only, we expect to sell 600 millions packages cigarettes per year, in Russia 550 millions, China 2.833 billions and in Japan 438 millions.

Additional countries are Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, India,
South Korea, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Ukraine, Belarus, Middle East and all European countries.

This is an exciting opportunity for those seeking to make great profits by distribution the New Generation of Cigarette in different country.

Are you or your company interested in distributing the new generation of cigarette in your country?

Do you or your company find this product interesting? Is Your Company well established to distribute this New generation of Cigarette in your country?
Then you are welcome to send us an inquiry.

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