Secret behind STI

The secret behind STI’s New Generation of Cigarette is the patented tipping paper (the yellow paper around the cigarette filter) impregnated with nicotine.
In this way, a smoker get their nicotine needs through the lips and not through the smoke.
In this way, a smoker get fresh air into the lungs because you do not have lit the cigarette
in this way, a smoker will not get cancer from smoking.
And givs the possibility of using STI´s cigarette everywhere even where smoking is prohibited.
A smoker can choose from various STI’s cigarettes with different nicotine levels.
The nicotine is addictive, but in this case, a smoker is already dependent on nicotine and STI’s new generation of cigarette helps smokers overcome their nicotine intake through smoking, which causes cancer in smokers, and successive can help smokers stop smoking completely.

Get the pleasur, not the cancer.
Get the nicotine through lips not through smoke